Dart's Special Module Is Missing On The HUD

Bug report:


There are 2 issues here, but they are related and described below.


Bug 1:

Rank 11 Dart is missing a special module icon displayed on the HUD, when activated. (2 options to choose from)

  • Frontal Shield Special Module

Regular Diffusion Shield may be working correctly, it’s displayed on the HUD.


Bug 2:

Passive mode for the module Harmonic Drive 12 (tested with Mark 4 item), will not show the passive Harmonic Drive icon on the HUD!

It may not even show up, when it’s in Active mode. However, when I played Spec Ops, I have seen it, but that may be because others has the same module as well.

For now, assume that it will not show on the HUD, while in Passive and/or Active mode.



(Just a quick test with Harmonic Drive and Frontal Shield Special module)

[2017.03.03 17.43.52.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=13612)

(Doing Tier 4 Speedruns in Spec Ops - Destroyer; Lots of usage of such described modules, logs could also be used to help solve double music bug)



Screenshot: (Frontal Shield Special module and Harmonic Drive Rank 12 module)