Where i can find Blue for Dart ???

Weapon: Quantum railgun


Spec ops or where?

Find what?

Is Bozon Cannon blueprint even obtainable at this moment?

Sooo where i can find this blueprint

Quantum railgun

Spec ops operation or where?

Not sure if you can drop it, but you can get it by the bundle for sure.

At the moment, all blueprints are restricted to Bundles that are purchased for Galactic Standards because the developers are selfish and want money too much. There are probably only about 4-5 of them total in the game right now.

I have this issue as well… I have like 2 excess bozons, but no quantum, which would allow me to fly dart properly.


and 6 excess gargoyle chips… if anyone is interested, I will trade each as soon as possible for classic ship part.

I got One blueprint Cabin for Thar’Ga for Deal