Dart "Frontal Shield" not turning off

I was just in a PvP and had to Alt+tab to check a message on steam and came back to this(below) >> activated and still working throughout the entire battle, still blocking damage even when energy was cut off still worked. Might have to zoom but its there. 


Dude, if this is happening for everyone then no **** wonder they get such good eff. Thank you for being honest and reporting that!

He, now it’s a real turtle! :slight_smile:

  1. Is this repeated now&

  2. Logs needed 


Now I want to craft Dart even more,where are the results for the Cristallid contest?!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thats why they are ripping thru everything in pvp. I thought it was just an OP boat, you know those that even newbies can beat vets in. Those darts, i stopped bothering at some point and have let’em wreck havok for their team.


Log needed is a little bit dumb tho. I mean ofc it make your life easier in the office. And basically just pinpoint accurate on the problem to fix. But like SnerpDeg, it’s his first post. he dont know that. You guys have all that info on your side too i’m pretty certain. And if it does is a recurring bug. it will show in the stats. I mean the mega-computer/ or the tech that look at all those stats that tell you nerf this, buff this.

Pretty Obvious to me that something ain’t right. And that just from playing. Do Star Gem have a “tester” 24/7 in-game to make sure everything seems ok. Like he plays every ship use every modules and modifiers etc… That would be another easy way to collect bug data.

Did not pay attention missed the fact that was in bug Section: