Dangerous Zone Misspelled

It should be


Danger Zone


Probably should be in calligraphy also.

Maybe with an exclamation mark.


yes definitely with an exclamation.

I am lost. We need someone with a knowledge of their native language here.

Dangerous Zone or Danger Zone.



I noticed some spell mistakes as well. Find the probw instead of Find the probe.

We will polish this game so good, that it will shine so hard, that you will need black sunglasses to be able to play it. :wink:

Men in Black. xD

I am lost.

He tried to be funny. :wink:

And failed, I don’t really know if I should blame Paramount Pictures, or FX for my failure.

Now that’s the issue with not so popular culture references.

I’m ok with you blaming Koromac if you want. :smiley: