Damage type effectiveness

Hello fellow pilots!

I was wondering,what bonus has the thermal weapons?I mean,EM weapons does increased damage to shields,but decreased to hull/armor,and kinetic does decreased damage to shields and increased to hull/armor.But thermal,what does it? (In fact,I think the other 2 does not give a bonus,is just the damage listed on description,when damaging coresponding durability type).

Go in settings–>game–>ship information and make it full. You will see all the stats of your ships and its resistance to different type of damage.

In fact, EM,  Thermal and Kinetic don’t have damage bonus/malus depending on if they hit the shield or the hull.

It’s ships that have higher Kinetic resistance on their shield, and higher EM resistance on their hull, with average Thermal resistance on both.

Witch include : You can compensate that “malus” with modules.

Thank you BladeOfShadow,your reply was very helpful.And,Destroyher,what you said I managed to understand myself alone when reading the full description,but anyway,thank you all for your time spend helping a comrade. :slight_smile: