Damage? a sort game Brainstorm.

Tier 1: i’m mostly using the normal fighter ships. it was fun felt really good about these ships the damage was good , survivability also. As a federation fighter the cloak would help me so much to get out of a situation.


Tier 2 :starting to notice my dmg wasn’t good (had commander ship) so i saved my credits to buy the Fox-M i think (fighter) but still my damage was not that great but still it was doable. Some frigates where way out of my damage league with shields that had 20k hp or hulls with that amount.


Tier 3 : Ye this is the place where i’m feeling totally pointless. Sniper frigates shooting from insane distance after a while i was hearing “incomming missle” every second.

Combining this with super fast ships that have stuns, which is impossible for me to even shoot i sorta became a vulture scanning enemy ships that had low hp to finish them off with my stealth ability.


now the game goes like this:

“… is captain” 5 incomming missles gg.

“… is captain” someone doing a miniwarp crash gg.


there is no fighting anymore just camping & waiting for the timer to either run out and hope your team isn’t full of people still trying to attack or watching an abuse of ships and go back to the lobby.


I know this is beta and alot of fixes/balance issues are underway and i’m really hoping it gets better but i seriously doubt it.

Here are some tips how I would increase the fun:


  • Remove sniper ships !! i was expecting space battles where you would cover eachothers back! not hide behind rocks.

  • Lower the Hp/shield of frigates they need to be killable (don’t give me the flank’em crap, your a sitting duck for the respawning ships) again removing sniper frigates would solve this already.

When i look at my faction frigates (federation) i’m think this is what they all should do, Buff nearby ships as support. be a tanky ship to hold a base untill friendly’s arrive and do some 6000m range low damage.

  • increase the damage of railguns/plasma, (i would say lasers but those hit always while you have to lead the other guns which is impossible against a fast moving ship.)


Anyway i guess this is how i see the game and how i would improve it. I’m now wondering if other players feel the same when they moved up in the Tiers and what they suggest to improve or change in the game.

(or call me a bad player that’s always constructive *cough*)


-.- loooong tired *SIGH!!!* … you lost ALL credential when your solution was to simply remove long ranged ships -.-

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edit: from what i experienced the main issue here is that the “captain mode” is completely broken and creates a very bad gameplay where all you do is camp around 1 player. make it an npc base type thing instead with a huge buffer, forcing the enemy team to move at a bare minimum 15km from their spawn  to hit it with snipers, this would allow for more then enough time to completely wipe them out if they go full on “support/sniper” ships before reinforcements can get to them after they start dying. and would give some defender advantage.

at the same time add a point in the middle which is not in LOS from spawn (need to move 10km out and around to snipe it) which counts as points and if one side simply just camp at spawn the enemy will win by the points of the beacon in the middle.


so winning will happen on two things 1: kill the enemy’s command center (got quite a huge buffer hp= cannot be ninjaed fast and is able to get regenned by support modules.), 2: get the most points from the beacon and timer runs out.

kills really shouldn’t matter since it promotes a very passive gameplay and the downtime from dying is more then enough advantage for the “surviving team” to keep holding the point and get more points.


something like this would solve the issue you see right now.