Dalily reward, don't rewared.

More days, specialy the 5 day, the daily reward’s chest are not free avaible. This are happening for three months. I wait to be if repared in the actualization. But today was happen again (Thursday 17 March 2016 GTM:+1 Spanish time). Is specially irritant when happen in the 5 day, obviusly. And i lose like ten five day’s chest or more. And the others day’s chest, i don’t count, but a lot of too.


This problem is random, and one week can appear all cheast, and other any , and other a few, and the day when happen is not the same, but is more frecuently the day five. 





p.d: would be great if the edit post system be able to edit the title too, like you see i wirite “daily” wrong.

If you don’t get your daily reward, simply relog and come back, takes literally 5 seconds and fixes the problem. The reward should show a blue icon above containers to notify you its there waiting.

It seems that you are having some reward lag issues. Just log out for a bit, or log in to the dedicated launcher like I said in your other post. Otherwise I can’t help you. Sorry.

[How to create bug reports](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)

[How to create bug reports](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)

We already got 2 or 3 of the same bug report.


Sometimes daily free Bundle Pack from the Store needs another login, so that you can claim it for free. Gift icon will notify that it’s available to claim it.

Anyway, anybody must to create correct bugreport