Daily Limit Gain

I have been using the gold option for purple loot. I am already fighting with artificial limits in place. I have bene trying to buy as many 30 battle credits 50% as I can. I should not be punished spending money in this game.

I am already jaded by the fact they add this new mission for pve 60 for 2 poly crystals only to make pve exponentially harder. I work with it only be met with new gain limit.


You can get at most 800 iridium each day, the rest will be in your mail and you can convert it 5:1 to corp iridium
That’s still 100 more than a few updates ago

I was paying for iridium to get credit bundles. Why pay if thats how they gonna treat you… This game punisher the few paying customers more than any other game I know of. Many noobs call this pay to win but I assure it just pay to not grind as hard. all my paid stuff is useless.

It’s simple let me explain it to you
The game is not p2w if you pay and get nothing
It’s so simple isn’t it?

That’s irrelevant to the fact I was buying iridium to support the game and get what I wanted.

You non paying people hate us paying people… Imagine if non one bought anything. With this vendor they penalize you for spending , and then the community hates the fact you support the game. With things like this its a loud message to not spend money.

I already know its not pay to win with an any game. Its pay to unlock stuff without countless hours of grind. But the free loaders will never understand that.

No no that’s good
keep buying gs so I can farm even more of them from trade

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