Daily festive tournaments!



The infamous Pirate Baron Rosso from Vega announces that during the holidays tournaments for mercenaries will be held every day.


Tournaments will be held on all tournament battlegrounds, including the new ones called ‘Northstar Crash Site’ and ‘Leviathan. Catacombs’!


The rules remain the same. You can read them here.

Remember the main point: three tournaments are held during the day — at 01:00, 16:00 and 19:00 GMT. You can participate in any number of tournaments.


From Monday to Saturday tournaments are held for ships of ranks 4-6.

On Sundays — for ships of ranks 7-9.


Each battle takes no more than 8 minutes.  


Your objective is to win as many battles as quickly as possible. Teams play three rounds in total. In addition, for each subsequent victory pilots receive synergy and credit bonuses. The more you win — the more you get. Everything is transparent and simple.


For each subsequent victory pilots get a bonus to synergy and credit gain:


0 wins: +0%;

1 win: +50%;

2 ​​wins: +100%;

3 wins: +200%.


Bonuses are not reset after a defeat.


Victories earn pilots loyalty and Galactic Standards. Rewards are issued after the battle provided that you do not quit in the middle of the tournament. Then, of course, you get nothing but the sense of defeat.


Rewards for daily tournaments Monday to Saturday:


  • 0 wins or abandoning tournament: no reward;

  • 1 win: 5000 loyalty vouchers from all factions;

  • 2 wins: 10000 loyalty vouchers from all factions;

  • 3 wins: 20000 loyalty vouchers from all factions.


Rewards for daily tournaments on Sundays remain unchanged:


  • 0 wins or abandoning tournament: 0 GS;

  • 1 win: 50 GS;

  • 2 wins 100 GS,

  • 3 wins: 250 GS.


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