Daily Bonus Bug

I contacted support who said to post here.


  1. There seems to be a bug with the daily bonus.  At least once every 5 day cycle I do not receive the free daily bundle.  The window comes up showing what day’s reward I’m supposed to receive is.  When I get to the screen with the bundles none of them show up as free. This has happened about 8 - 10 times since I started playing the game (about 6 weeks ago).  It does not happen on the same days bonus and there is no pattern to when you don’t receive the prize (as far as I can tell).  I know it’s happened 3x on the 5th day prize.



2.  I think it’s a bug because I’m told I’m going to receive something and clearly do not get it.


3.  Randomly but at least once every 5 day cycle.


4.  I can’t recreate the bug manually.  I simply start the launcher, and start the program.  No change in behavior.


5.  n/a


6.  Windows 10 / Asus Laptop / Nvidia graphics


7.  Don’t have.


8.  No Exceptions / log uploaded.


Lifehack: try to relogin

Lifehack: try to relogin

Better statement: FIX THAT BUG.

Really it’s annoying to have this happening.

Relogin does nothing.  Had the issue for the last 3 days in a row…

Only relogging and looking at your screen does not help. Relog and then click Bundles while in hangar and claim your daily reward.