Dag''tnith' Launcher - Debuff w/o Hit

  1. Flying casually with an enemy locked onto me with this gun, shot at me from a range that I did not take any damage—yet the debuff applied and reset every shot fired, no matter behind a wall or beacon. 
  2. It to debuff me after the shot hit my ship, like it should.
  3. Flying? Targeted by a guy with it, and he shot at me? Plain sight.
  4. None.
  5. Every time someone has it and locked onto me or friends. 
  6. Logs posted and video, cant upload more than that because the file size limit.  Move to 0.37 to see on video. 

All you need to do is get the gun, have them shoot you and be behind a cliff or anything really, even at 10k it still debuffs. 
8. Video shown is old but debuff happened in the last battle at 7:50 PM PST.