D3D device not supported

i have a radeon x1650 pro video card and i get this error when i press start from the launcher. it crashes immediatly

I think this means that your grafic device is not supported so you wont be able to play Star Conflict with this grafic card.

yea your probly right. i seem to be having alot of problems with new games now. guess i gotta upgrade more often than every 5-10 years lol

Well yes I think you should upgrade it;)

GFX cards are pretty cheap but it is weather or not your system will support it. Even my AMD system is getting old even tho am on a quad cor gaming system i do not really need to upgrade as my system plays all games out without any problems.

Best bet build own system and maybe buy some stuff off ebay like I did and returned to manufacture and got a brand new gfx card i had a x3850x2 off ebay 2nd hand it had a problem found out it had almost 3 years warranty left on it and sent back ang got a nice new 5870 1gb ddr5. guess i dropped lucky there.

Or find out what your motherboard support and see if you can buy one for your system but then again might need cpu upgrade and ram to play smooth but 5 to 10 years think its time for a full upgrade their my friend :slight_smile: