cyber santa bundle



After purchasing cyber santa bundle from the game, another free bundle with a bonus inside is received.
as i was going to bed, i bought a few cybersanta bundles, but didn’t open the free bundles, and left them in inventory to open when i relogged the following day.

After checking, these are no longer present in my bundle section, so i think about 3 or 4 of them have been lost, that i didn’t open


(I realise that the bonus bundles are timed, when opened, before anyone mentions that, however as i stated, these were unopened)

They are only graphite plates and basic crafting materials, it isn’t /too/ much of an issue.


Though it could be an issue I guess regarding the Christmas areographies. (However you spell it.)


Make sure to open them as soon as you get them anyways though to prevent this from happening in the future.