Cyber Anomaly

Hi All!


I would like to ask how to prevent/destroy/evade this strange “Cyber anomaly” in open space? Is there any way to play in sectors where this Anomaly appear?

For the most of it the anomaly does higher damage the closer you are to it - which it spawns at the top of the map, so the lower you are the safer you should be, or at least you should be. Otherwise bringing seed chips which increase module recharge speed combined with repair kit/shield booster and high thermal resistance is about it.

If you have a Ze’ta then using 2x Combat shield regenerators with a static shield regenerator will completely outheal the debuff for the most of it, so if you want a safe ship for regular mobs Ze’ta is fine. Free hunter decimates Destroyers however, so just keep that in mind.

Stay close to the alien station and you won’t take damage.

Thank you! Is there way to disable destroy this anomaly?

3 hours ago, HubGab said:

Thank you! Is there way to disable destroy this anomaly?

Not to my knowledge.