Custom Smiles Contest


Last Friday, the whole world celebrated World Smile Day!

The roots of this celebration go back to 1963, when an insurance company commissioned the American artist Harvey Bell to develop a logo with a picture that by now firmly occupies a place in the life of every Internet user. This yellow smiling face is known to us as a ‘Smiley’. In 1963, when Mr. Bell received a total of $ 50 for his work, no one could have predicted such a resounding success.

Pilots, we invite you to participate in a new creative contest and show your imagination and sense of humour! The contest is dedicated to creating emoticons — an essential attribute of forum life and good mood!

You need to create from 1 to 6 original and impressive images that will convey emotional content of forum posts and stylistically correspond to the spirit of Star Conflict.

  • You need to draw no more than 6 different emoticons with a space theme;
  • All smileys, if there’s more than one, should have a similar style to the current forum emoticons;
  • Your entry must not violate moral, ethical and legal norms, as well as [Forum Rules](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18970-forum-rules/) and [Rules of the game](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/8916-game-server-code-of-conduct/);
  • Entries can be created in any graphics editor;
  • One participant — one entry (no more than 6 emoticons);
  • The images must be created specifically for this contest;
  • The image should not contain a link, and (or) a logo of outside resources;
  • Recommended image resolution — at least 45x45 and no higher than 145x145 pixels, format — GIF or PNG.

Winners of the competition will not only receive various rewards, but also a chance to immortalize their work in the set of emoticons used on Star Conflict forums on a regular basis! Works are accepted until October 23th, inclusive.

1st place — 5000 Galactic Standards + 7 days of premium account
2nd place — 4000 Galactic Standards + 5 days of premium account
3rd place — 3000 Galactic Standards + 3 days of premium account
Thread for placing entries

The contest, dedicated to emotions and good mood, has ended!

Thanks to all the pilots, who actively participated in the creation of a variety of emoticons, which perfectly show our forum life. It’s time to reward the winners!

1st placeT050189 and few cute smiles

2nd placebalnazzar and the set of different smiles

3rd placeart film smiles from H_A_W_X

Thanks again to all, who participated! There will be more creative contests soon!

P.S. Winners, please PM me your ingame nicknames to be rewarded.