Custom Smiles Contest (Works)



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I feel that a way to express this emotion has been lacking for a long time. If it is possible for you to animate this, then why not XD


I might rework to give it a Star Conflict feeling at some point

For instance:


G1: Guards have good durability, Engineers can repair allies and cover ops can deal alot of damage.

G2: Ok, which one class can heal?

G1: 4c2flKE.gif (mine detonation)


G1 : What can we expect in the future?

G2 : Ship larger than frigate!

G1 : ePUt8Ji.gif (Biomorph)

G1 : I hope it will help!

G2 : Thanks! It worked to me!

G1 : 4HXFhFr.gif (Beacon Captured)

G1 : Cover ops ships are useless!

G2 : That’s your opinion. QZMMJsb.gif (defensive standing)








Dev: Introducing new ships and weapons in next patch!

Player:  qnCrULQ.pngDo want :smiley:


Player 1: Hurr durr

Player 2: Derrp 

Player 3: Is it safe for me to come out yet?  yOWIMQV.gif

(The gif doesn’t loop for some reason)




(Note: Some of the emotes may be better once sized is tweaked, but I did them all in 145 x 145 px for best quality.