Custom Rooms - Reworked

So its bin over a Year - maybe 2. that you guys changed the Custom rooms. from getting rewards for every match, until people started taking advantage (apparently) of this.
Now i want to introduce a new custom room system (with some effort of you guys in the coding).

Dueling system true custom rooms :
Leave the regular custom room system like it is (cuz its great and we know mostly how it goes up guys change something but also take away something) so please for this time :smiley: just add :smiley:

Now whats the point of a dueling system?
Corporations and other groups should be capable of stacking cash & or iridium in that match and the award goes to the winning team and will be divided among the amount of players.


i dont know if someone already mentioned this if so sorry

It is a nice idea, but for now our focus is still not on custom battles. We prefere improving the other game modes.