Custom model for T5



i was thinking resently about customization of highers T ships… i.e. YARL T5 ship has great setup (and can use T5 weapons), but looks dull for me. and here is my idea. why dont use existing model like nibelung or dvergr as visual model so we will get like T5 ship looking like lower level. of course it would be byable like any other color change ot stickers. but a little bit more expensive.


what do you think about that ?

I’m all for more customization options, but I’m against a total makeover because I do like to visually recognize the ship I am fighting and adjust my strategy accordingly (I know you can enable the display of ship names but there’s so much clutter already).

I second snib’s opinion. There is too much of a tactical gain from changing your ships appearance.


Though I agree some of the high rank ships look a little plain. IE: the long range friggate that looks like a box…

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