Custom Battle - the way I like it pls

Okay so i wanted to organize a training session , via custom battle, found it to be useless for less than 16 pilots



i want to do a 1 vs 4 or whatever format ? maybe there is something I am missing, I cant understand how to setup such a match


turn off Auto Balance in the settings of the Custom Battle.

ty sooooo much

wait what if i want to do me vs 4-5 bots ? how can that be setup

that is not possible

that is not possible

Maybe it should be? I for one would like to be able to run test games of 12 vs 12 or 16 vs 16 where both are equal, not with my side having me plus the bots.

We need an option to train, even if we recieve NO rewards. I would surely use it a lot.

Use detonation with bots for training and practice.  Just add eight so you get into 1v1’s easier instead of 2v1’s.  The bots ignore the bomb so unless you get it and try to plant, it’s a guaranteed 12 minute match.