Crystallid Species Guide (info only)

Alien Species info

The faction Eternal Dawn was created from the ashes of Eternal Era and Dawn Union… Two fallen factions became one, and the Eternal Dawn hides in the most mysterious and dangerous locations: In the Alien Space.

After long studying the Crystallid species, they have created a book from known species… Contains all data you need.



Type: Flying

=Specie: Drones

  • Small Crystallid: Small drones infected with crystals. They were created by Cybers and Crystallids using ECM and Ellydium technology.

  • Small Crystalloid: Small squid-looking infected drones. The drones weren’t created by humans, and crystallids can construct them. They usually guard portals.


=Species: Scout

  • Precursors: The infected ancients… precursors created the material that keeps Crystallids alive: living iridium. Then, their race disappeared for unknown reasons, and now all that remains from their technology is Crystallids. 

  • Large Crystallid: They’re the same as precursors but they’re more durable, slower and bigger.

  • (Gharl) Chasers: The wild kinds of Crystallid Scouts: The crown of their core disappeared, their body is made of a core in the center and 2 "wings’’: The wings are connected with the core by 2-2 "teeths’’. They’re strong like a Predator.

  • Crystal Prince: The mix of a Chaser and a Precursor (Scout), which is strong like a Free Hunter. He’s escorting his owner, Executioner, and he can open a portal for Executioner anytime. If he comes from a portal, the portal creates lightning strikes.


=Species: Hunter

  • Patroller (Weak Crystallid/Crystallid/Snooping Crystallid): The weaker kind of a Hunter. They’re patrolling in 2-6 groups, and their rotation speed is slow - so they often kill each other accidentally. They’re definitely not smart…

  • Hunter: A slow crystallid with slow, but very strong projectiles: Hunters can easily destroy Frigates and Destroyers, a large group of hunters can even destroy a Destructor or seriously damage a Dreadnought. They’re mostly patrolling alone.

  • (Gharl) Acquirer: These hunters don’t have a ring around their core, and their core is much stronger (plus they have 3 body parts instead of 2). They can shoot 3 projectiles, which are a bit stronger than a Hunter’s shot and they’re following a target like a Predator’s shot. They can teleport.


=Species: Predator

  • Crystallid Predator: Crystallid Predators appear in 2-6 groups, and they’re pretty weak. They’re fast Crystallids with fast, but weak shots. They often talk to each other and pilots who attacked them on Crystallanguage.

  • Predator: A much stronger predator who only hunts alone.

  • (Gharl) Omnivores: These predators are a bit different than Crystallid Predators by look, because their crystalline parts are a lot darker. They’re strong like a Free Hunter, and their shots create a gravitational anomaly like G’Thar’Du.


=Species: Hybrid

  • Crystal Hybrid: Their look is very different than other Crystallids look, so even the scientists think they’re infected animal species. They’re very durable, mostly attack in groups. They grow on Colonies, created by Matter Inverters or planted on Ancient Citadel Parts. They’re mostly patrolling the area near their colony. They have 2-3 glowing green eyes and a mouth, where their shots are coming from.

  • Gharl Hybrid: They have 6-8 glowing green eyes, they’re a lot faster than regular hybrids and their mouth is also different: Sometimes they can shoot crystalline laser from their mouth like a Destroyer’s emitters.

  • Digger: These hybrids have multiple mouths and no eyes: They’re digging underground and they can seriously damage buildings or camps when they come out. They can’t see but their hearing is perfect.


=Species: Hornets

  • Hornet: They’re fast creatures, and maybe they’re also infected animal species. Their body is weak and easy to destroy, but their shots are deadly. They have many small glowing green spheres on their body, nobody knows if these are eyes, ears, emitters or what. They only grow on the Ancient Citadel, and Ancient Robots often try to remove them.

  • Brawlers: They’re stronger and larger Hornets. They grow only on the Ancient Citadel, but Ancient Robots never attack them. They often patrol nearby areas with a group of Hornets. They can shoot multiple times, and their shots work like acid.

  • Behemoths: They’re stronger and larger Brawlers. They grow only on the Ancient Citadel, and they often destroy Ancient Robots around it. They often patrol nearby areas with a group of Brawlers and Hornets. They can charge their shots. A fully charged shot is enough to destroy a Destroyer by one hit. Rarely they can teleport.

=Species: Murderers

  • Killers: These crystallids look like infected ancient robots: they have 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 head, 1-2 engines and 2-4 wings (their body is far from looking like a human body!). Their body parts are flat, barley connected with their body but they’re very fast and durable. They’re coming from portals, and they’re hunting for creatures and vehicles. They can shoot with their hands, which they also can use as swords.

  • Scorchers: They’re the same as Killers but they’re 3x bigger and stronger. They can teleport 2 times every 5 minutes. They can shoot laser beams and Thi’Lith-like beams from their hands.

  • Tramplers: They’re 2x bigger and stronger than Scorcherers. They have many emitters on their body and they carry a small Matter Inverter on their back.

  • (Gharl) Carnivores: They’re 1.5x bigger than Killers and they’re like 5x stronger: Their hands can grow crystals and create weapons (like battleaxe or sword) with them, which are glowing and can cut even a whole ship in half. They attack and kill Killers and Scorchers.


=Species: Invaders

  • Defiler: Defilers are really durable and can open many portals and Matter Inverters. Alone they’re weak and vulnerable, but they can easily call a whole army if the enemy isn’t prepared enough.

  • Destroyer: This large Crystallid appears alone and it has serious firepower: They can destroy a dreadnought in a solo fight. Their weak points are Cores (defended by Shells). The Destroyer can open portals and generate a gravitational anomaly. The Dissectors are the strongest weapons of the Destroyer.

  • Dendagors: These Crystallids are as big as a moon, and they have a snake-like body with 2 arms and a head defended by shields. They can destroy whole fleets, and they can bury themselves in a planet (Dendagors inside planets are called Devourers)

  • Carriers: These Crystallids have many “landing platforms” on them (they look like leaves) and they can open many portals. They have no weapons but the armies they can borrow with themselves defend them easily.


Type: Sprouting


They grow on surfaces and from the ground like plants. After some time, they can leave the ground and dig or fly away. They mostly have Crystal arms/legs/tentacles for melee attacks and emitters/rocket creators (weapon-organs) on their body, rarely on their arms/legs/tentacles. They can fly with anti-gravity generators, engine-organs, cores or by using their hands/tentacles.


=Species: Munchers

  • Digmouth: This alien is living deep under the surface, and comes out only if the earth is shaking. When it comes out, it immediately attacks vehicles and creatures with its tentacles, and tries to put them into his mouth in the middle of his body. If he connects all his tentacles he can generate an energy sphere.

  • Upbreak: This alien grows peacefully underground, and when it can’t fit his hollow, he literally explodes the ground around him and comes up to the surface. This creature is very fast, can barely fly but there are many emitters on his body.

  • Devoursy: A small version of a Devourer (Dendagor inside a planet). They aren’t bigger than a destroyer, but they can come out of the ground and destroy many objects and vehicles with their strong arms. This creature has no legs or tentacles, only a snake-like body with 2 arms.


=Species: Destructors

  • Fleshrippers: These creatures have many razor sharp arms and tentacles, and they have emitters in their mouths, so they can shoot lasers from it. You definitely don’t want to fight one. Only one of these creatures can destroy a whole base.

  • Bonecrushers: A Bonecrusher Crystallid’s arms and tentacles are just big hammers: They’re the best in destroying vehicles and buildings, but they’re not fast and they don’t have any emitters.

  • Demolishers: They’re a bit weaker than Bonecrushers and they’re less durable, but they’re very fast and they have a rocket launcher organ: They can shoot a “rocket” from their mouth, a rocket like the Destroyer’s.


=Species: Balance Breakers

  • Distorter: They’re the only Sprouting kind aliens who can travel between dimensions - they’re also functioning as moving Matter Inverters. They’re really durable, but their only weapon is a pulsar which activates when it eats junk and debris.

  • Downgrader: Those aliens are the most dangerous kind: They can reduce the size (!) of things, and can attack with strong gravity waves. They also have tentacles and arms, but they rarely use them, mostly just to pick up things.

  • Sentinel: These aliens have real eyes, and they can slow the time in the direction they look. The sentinels have only tentacles, but they never attack with them. They’re easy to hurt.


=Species: Sprouting Stations

  • Melters: They grow very large and they can upload and heal aliens landing on his “leaves”. On their top they have a large flower looking part, and they can create powerful laser beams with them (just like Experimental Destroyer)

  • Hybrid Colony: These colonies look like very large bushes and there are tons of Hybrids growing on them. They’re very durable and their core is super strong, but they can’t attack or defense themselves anyhow.

  • Colony de Crystallin: This colossal Melter-like station can get out of ground and fly. This flying station can heal aliens, create Matter Inverters, shoot rockets, have many emitters and can create gravity pulses. It’s so strong it can defeat 5-7 Defilers alone.

  • Devourers (Dendagors): These colossal creatures create many aliens inside, and they release them when attacked. They have 2 very powerful arms which are strong enough to break a dreadnought in the half. Aurelia is also a Dendagor, but it’s smaller than usual.


=Species: Fighters

  • Greens: Strong sprouting crystallids with 6 large leaf-like arms. They can shoot rockets.

  • Cutters: Sprouting crystallids with many long tentacles. They usually attack defenseless or damaged targets.

  • (infected): Crystallit: Infected Sibelonit aliens came from another dimension. They aren’t dangerous, but they’re fast

  • (infected) Crystallia: Infected Lordakia aliens came from another dimension. They’re very weak, but there’s a whole army of them.

  • (infected) Crystallium: Infected Lordakium aliens came from another dimension. They’re strong and leave small crystallids when destroyed.

  • Threateners: These crystallids have many emitters and 6-8 small arms with an emitter on it. They have 4 big hands, with a rocket-shooting organ (like Destroyer) on their end. They’re durable and they can teleport.

  • Soldiers: Weak crystallids with 0-4 emitters and 2-6 hands/tentacles. They’re slow and easy to destroy, but their firepower is good.

  • Flamethrowers: These crystallids have 4-6 arms and a long tentacle with a solar-emitter on it. With their solar emitter they can shoot a powerful solar beam (as strong as Enclave Emitter)

  • Beacons: Crystallids with 4-6 tentacles. There are eyes on the tentacles, and they can pop out their eyes, which explode like a grenade after. Somehow they can lure Crystallids and Gharls.


Type: Objects/Stations


=Species: Station Crystallids

  • Crystallid Station: This creature can’t move by itself, but it can create new parts and grow emitters on it. This Crystallid’s center part is a small, volcano-looking Crystal body. If it has enough iridium, it starts to grow more body parts: Defense parts, dock parts, storage parts and create Matter Inverters.

  • Crystallid Outpost: This creature is similar to the Station, but it can teleport and open portals. This station isn’T growing new parts next to him, but it grows them under or above the center part. When it’s big enough, it starts to create Matter Inverters and shields.


=Species: Defense/Turrets

  • Emitter: The most common and simple part. It’s mostly growing on bigger aliens, and can shoot iridium spheres or iridium beams.

  • Dissector Emitters: They’re mostly growing on Destroyers, or on Leviathans. They’re a stronger, purple kind of emitter, and they can create very powerful laser beams.

  • Rocket Emitter: These emitters shoot mostly blue (sometimes green) tracking iridium projectiles. The projectiles are very fast and can fly approximately 10.000 meters.

  • Chainwalkers: These living turrets have 4 legs, and they’re walking on asteroids, stations or on bigger aliens. Their shots are fast and destructive.


=Species: Leviathans - They’re Crystallid Stations built inside a bion - if they kill the bion, the Crystallids expand the station and make the whole planet a leviathan - So they basically make planet-sized living death stars. Cool.

Known Leviathans:

  • Gallus Leviathan [moon size] (half-deactivated) {in the Line system}

  • Gargon Leviathan [Mercury size] (dimension traveler) {at Lost World’s Shining Gate}

  • Ageau Leviathan [planet size] (Bion Hunter) {at Lost World’s Shining Gate}

  • Giugar Leviathan [planet size] (destroyed) {at The Route of Darkness}

  • Cattallus Leviathan [planet size] (Runeforge) {in the depths of alien worlds}

  • King Leviathan [Saturn size] (The Conqueror) {in the Chaos Void}

  • PB-41 [PB-42 size] (The Blue Prince) {in an unknown dimension}

  • Queen Lola [planet size] (The Opened Leviathan) {in the depths of alien worlds}

Unknown Leviathans:

  • Betelgeuse Leviathan: Planet size/Gas planet size - Planet core is a dwarf star??? → “The Smeltery” → Is he “The Blacksmith”??? ← Damaged leviathans escaping

  • PB-43: PB-42 size, was heavily damaged by an alien fleet - it escaped ← is it at “The Blacksmith” ???

  • Requey Leviathan: Mars size, lost (???) in a battle <-> Chsaron talked about it → Chsaron teleported it?? ; High space anomaly activity at Ellydium Theta: Maybe it’s hiding near Ellydium Theta?!

  • Lolo Leviathan: 3/4 Mercury size, called "The Spacebreaker’’ → Space anomalies, time inverted at Sector XVII ?? <-> Mysterious Module was destroyed with the sacrifice of 5 fleets ; Is it also at "The Blacksmith’’ ??

  • Özise Leviathan: Moon size, called "The Devourer’’ -> Collides with a Bion and eats it from the inside??? -> Was Mych leviathan a Devourer Leviathan, and it wasn’t built by "The Builder’’??

  • Mych Leviathan: Size is between a moon and planet’s size, Only have 3 pictures of it ← Strange shape, was it an illusion or a Devourer Leviathan???

  • "The Builder’’: Nothing is known about it, maybe this leviathan built Mych, if any of these two exist


=Bosses (we know about only one)

  • Executioner: One of the strongest known aliens (and Predators). He was locked in the sector Carthage, but after the Masterlock was destroyed, he was freed. Nobody knows where he is now… He’s much stronger than a Free Hunter: He can teleport, open portals, create Matter Inverters and his shots are strong like Defiler’s rockets.

  • Shredder: This hunter is made of 4 body parts and 1 big + 2 small cores! His shots are as strong as a Defiler’s rocket, and he can teleport every 5 sec! He’s extremely dangerous, most people think he could even destroy the Executioner… He was only detected around Queen Mona, Cattallus Leviathan and Giugar Leviathan.

  • Defillar: This Defiler-looking alien’s size is 1,5x of the Devourer’s. The Defillar has a colossal eye on the middle, which is the hardest part to damage. The Defillar can jump in space, during jumps he has a very big, drill shaped shield, so the Defillar won’t get hurt if collides with things during the jump (except moons, planets, stars and asteroids which are at least 5x bigger than him) It has 10 large crystalline tentacles on it’s back, whose are enough strong to break a dreadnought.

  • Aurelia: This Devourer is smaller than the others, and really different - it helps the bion (Hanchron is his best friend) instead of eating it from the inside. People and creatures on Hanchron trust Aurelia, because he attacked invading aliens many times (destroyed 6 sprouting stations, damaged Colony de Crystallin, damaged Hybrid Colonies, destroyed Crystalline Carriers and Defilers)

  • The Orb: The strengthened core of a predator. The Orb is connected with Purifier’s mind, and he can grow her crystal armor. The Orb has a crystalline drill and laser emitter as weapons. When Purifier’s horns start to grow, his drill starts to grow bigger either.

  • Raharn (Stinger): This creature is really interesting: It’s a football sized ball of crystalline, with one eye and a steel coating (which he can open). When his steel coating is closed he looks like a steel ball with an orange eye, but when he opens the ball his eye color changes to green. He has no organs, but he has a godly artifact inside him: That makes him able to grow infinite amounts of crystals (that’s how he creates his tentacles, legs, arms or body when needed). Fortunately he’s on the side of humans, mostly because of the Nexus Object Guardians.

  • Vhyzahr (Claw): This creature is very similar to Raharn (Stinger), but his eye is red when his steel coating is closed, and when he opens it his eye changes to blue - because his crystals and iridium is also blue instead of green. He calls Raharn his twin, and he also has a godly artifact inside. He’s also on the side of Hanchron and Guardians.

  • Oso: This creature is… A Crystallid-Dragon. There are legends of a black-green crystal dragon, which emerges from a planet that’s living inside (so a bion). Nobody knows if it really exists, or just a legend created by alien civilizations, but after what we have seen, we can’t be sure.