Crystal shard & Computing chip resources

I am building á Secret Project ship, the Octopus. I found that especially the Crystal shard resource is a bit sparse to get…

We need Crystal shards for Computing chips, and we need computing chips for ship building, duplicators and other materials like Screened batteries, Processing blocks, Ship parts (Comp. systems, Deflect. packg., Reaktor packg., Engine packg.) … if I am not missing anything.


I would like to suggest an increase in Crystal shard loots. Would be helpful. Second I would recommend is to increase Monocrystal gain…


P.S.: If s.b. has an idea, where to get the most Crystal shards per time … please let me know. ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


You’re not supposed to get resources  only  with loot. You’re supposed to use your vouchers and credits, to upgrade modules and then salvage them for resources.



It’s not so hard to get resources. You just need to search a bit what module gives what

Ah good hint. Knew that one could salvage modules, but did not connect it …

Good tip, thank you!!

The piciure above is from …  module??

When Trading comes, you will be able to get thousands of them… for a price!

Some zones in OS yield more shards than others, like sanctuary or destroyed station. I basically use OS only for that. Its not hard to get them, if you are winning battles. I would reduce recipes that need them, replacing with something else instead.

Try finding some with this.

Just farm transporters, cartel merchants and whatever transport resources. Most of it(>10%) are shards or chips.

Thanx guys, valuable infos!!

Sanctuary is the best OS sector for farm material. You just need to avoid 1857576 cyber and only need to jump to the next sector to use a drone there.

Is there a location for farm materials in Empire sector of the map? Maybe Scrapyard?

  • Sanctuary (Antaress system, Jericho sector)
  • Destroyed Station : (Cosima Triama system, Federation sector)

I still think transports are better to farm instead of random ores, this way you get guaranteed rare drops with the golden type ores, everything else is how fast you are at killing everything in sight.

which ship you use and what weapon etc. - would you tell us? I would take my r11 destroyer Antares but am thinking about my premium ship Mammoth, needs no repairs and duplicators…

I use any destro built for  regen, sit at spawn point fast erasing npcs (transports and escorts) best i can, collect loot, profit.

Gunship/Command are good as their damage/survivability can be huge.
Another ‘farmpoint’ can be the transporter in leviathan. They normally don’t survive half the way they fly(either directly be killed at the start gate or just a bit after they pass the outpost).

Another one: Orange giant(to stripped or Terra), the gates have either a pirate merchant or a cyber transport. Farming them is easy(as dd) as they respawn fast if you kill all. And the drone nearby is a good way.

Need to come around in Empire to check out what is good for farming.

Try mining site transports for test in jericho, you just have to sit at a gate and wait for them, only trouble are escorts.

We know the golden passive modules ‘Spatial scanner’ (CPU slot)  and ‘Extended hull’ (Hull slot) ?

Would nice to have ‘Cargo drones’ module to actually send home one’s cargo from the ship directly!

Or to have a special variety of an open space merchant ship / harvester ship / mining ship for upcoming OS revamp in summer would be interesting. (Need support of wing to harvest)