Crystal Raid [PvE]

The idea for this new PvE missions goes along with the story that we have going right now. Ellydium was experimenting with the crystal structures and trying to grow larger ones. They were working on a prototype ship when it came alive by itself and latched on to the wall of the station. After it used its on-board weapons to kill off any intruders, it “infected” the entire ellydium station and turned it in to one giant crystal being. The mission’s goal is to destroy the crystal station. Here is how it should go:

Stage 1: “Destroy the Shield Array!”“We can’t even get close to the station unless those shields go down! Get to work!”
This stage would resemble that of the beginning of the Pirate Raid, in that you must destroy several shield generators that are protecting the crystal station’s armaments. After the first shield generator is destroyed, Cybers show up. Their story is that they heard about the station and wanted to take it for themselves, as well a protect it. After all the Cybers are destroyed and the shield generators are all gone, the next stage starts.

Stage 2: “Take down it’s weapons!”“Their defenses are stronger than we estimated… Our bomb carriers won’t be able to even get close with all of those weapons! Take them down!”
The second stage is where the crystal station’s weapon systems come online and all try to kill the intruders, AKA, you. The weapons consist of numerous Emitters that fire those slow green EM bolts, Some larger crystal structures that fire continuous beams at you, and three extremely large pylons that hold and fire large crystal torpedoes. Once all of the weapons are destroyed, the next stage starts.

Stage 3: “Protect our bomb carriers!”“Our bomb carriers have arrived at the station! Protect them until they breach the station!”
The final stage requires the team to protect bomb carriers so that they can get in to the only functioning port on the station and blow it up. During this phase, the station will begin moving, and using it’s “arms” to dig in to and damage the carriers. The tentacle arm things will latch on to the center of a carrier and deal considerable damage until it is destroyed. Upon being destroyed, a deep alien howl is heard from the station and the arm will retract for the time being. This will go on until the bomb carriers reach the station. While the tentacle arm things are attacking the carriers, the station will also be releasing hordes of AI drones from it’s bays on the sides. These will never stop spawning until the phase is completed or lost.


Upon completing the final stage, the camera will zoom way out and show the crystal station explode, then get sucked in to what looks like a red version of a destroyer’s black-hole.

Good PvE scenario.

Taken into perspective its pretty much a Fort Muerto.

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Please come back after we cleaned the infection.
+1 to this!

This may become handy in the future ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

Blowing up stuff from a massive ship/station? I like it ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)