Crystal Mine.

Tai’kin at a beacon with these mines basically make you useless. You have such a significant cooldown increase.  I don’t understand why the developers give these ships broken modules that just make every situation unfair. It’s a proximity mine with OP features, because hey? It’s alien. You have such an advantage if they cannot use their modules that just make it OP. You now have to be extra cautious in beacons because hey? The normal mine does not deal much damage, big whoop. Now you cant use your modules for 20 seconds if you get hit ONCE and it refreshes!? What’s next… the Tackler will have spy drones that won’t let you cloak for 5m and they cant be taken off via collison? That’s where the games going.


Debuff only last for 15 seconds it is not like it disables available modules , like ecm, it is only after you used it, and chances are that something wouldnt come of cd anyways in that time frame.