Crystal Beast [SpecOps]

New specops Crystal Beast:

“During experimental crystal dreadnought production, an energy converter malfunctioned and began interpreting the alien signal. This signal overrode the system and grew out all of the human-compatible areas and control surfaces. The resulting mass of alien and crystal matter then began moving on its own and destroying nearby stations. Your task is to locate and destroy this crystalline beast before it can destroy our more valuable bases.”



 I’m writing a novel in the SC Uni, you will be happy to know there is a dreadnaughty attacking sectors there. Mine is legit alien though, not a Ellydium gone south thing. 

On the novel it’s a big xxxx crystallid ship that pushes into our sectors, everyone helps the sector’s owner corp defend it because aliens, in game we could have some sweet rewards. We would queue without a dread, using the owner corp’s dread. There are endless ways to make it differ from normie dread battles. If we fail to defend the sector, the aliens proceed to attack adjacent sectors, and the sectors trapped behind enemy lines become unavailable. I could go on but I don’t wanna spoil the suggestions topic I’ll make with things I changed for the novel.