Cruiser spawn blocking at Fire Support or Defence Contract


I would suggest to destroy any ship who gets in a way of a spawn of Cruiser in missions Fire Support and Defence Contract.
There are other ways to make everybody be in a place and ready before Cruiser spawns.
Some ppl even abuse this, lets say bug, to iritate other players by delaying the spawn for too long.

Thank you for your interest.

P.S.: anybody agree with me?

Its not an actual bug per say, it is more of an exploit.     

And yes there could be coding methods used to prevent such and exploit.

For example, placing a transparent map object at the portal’s GPS map location that is a SOLID and prevents users from camping on the map coordinate.

It would have to be a special object type Solid that allows the Cruiser to exit from inside it and onto the map but prevents outsiders entry.


What I would be more in favor of is… Randomized Portal Locations.   Currently the map location is a fixed point all the time.    Toss in some randomized logic as to where to spawn a Portal and no player would ever know where the Portal would be appearing so as to Camp at its location.    It would also be a new type of Game Changer since players create patterns in the Mode, (myself included) that would no longer be applicable since that pattern may now be placing your ship into a line of fire when before you were safe before enemy teleported in.


Im not suggesting total map randomization anywhere on a map…that wouldnt work.  But a type of randomization where a Portal could appear with any larger group of map coordinates like 20 or so preset location, and the presets are then randomized as to which one to pick and place the portal.   Since the missions are only 4 players, that would leave 16 open map locations a portal could appear at under the assumption that the four players are all camping at a portal appear location.   One could even do five locations and the logic spins thru the coordinates and if a player is camping on one, choose the next…again, the fifth location would be selected because 4 players cant camp on 5 locations.


There are coding ways around the issue but for now just report the user as a Portal Camper if it bothers you.   Personally it doesnt bother me if someone does.   Most of the time they are doing it so the Team can Heal up and get ready to fight the Cruiser.    Ive never seen anyone camp on a portal and let the mission timer run out.

Didn´t they fix this around mid of may or so?


At least i can remember that i exlpoded during the spawn of the cruiser when i “parked” on the spawn locations.

On the one side i can live with the removal of that “exploid” on the other side i have the feeling that some runs did go way smoother with this exploid cus the group could get into position during the spawn blockade when the prior objective was fullfilled but not everyone has moved into position (espacilly in DC it was noticable).


Fun fact however is that it always gave some players who didn´t know about this and started to rage cus they thought the mission was broken. Honestly i learned from this exploid during a rndm playround and i even was wondering why a player did “not participate” during the prior wave cus he was preparing the “spawn blockade”. Even more funny was then when i started to mess around with this system that even the combat drone from the fighters could block the spawn of the cruiser so that you still could participate in the battle.


In terms of the spawn location the easiest one was the FS mission one due of the light while in DC it needs some time to find the sweet spot for the spawn block. Espacilly in the higher ranks (12-15) this exploid was in many cases an backdoor to win the mission by simply blocking the carrier just to patch the team up again.