Cruiser Missile passing maximum distance after patch.

as we now see the new cruiser missile avoids asteroids. so i did a test. the guy shot me from 4000 meter range, i hide around the asteroid. but then the missile continously keeps rotating around the asteroid until it has hit me. it vent like around a big asteroid for 10 rounds. that was really annoying with the lock on sound, also cool hearing the missile go close and miss and miss and miss.


so because when it avoids something and keeps going around it. the distance reach way over what its supposed to be. i might been on that asteroid for 20 seconds without being hit. when i then got bored i fly off and it hit me. rofl. 


aswell as the missile speed and its rotation speed makes a quite big circle for it to spin around. like 500-1000 radius. . 


it needs to exlpode when exceeded the maximum distance… 


in total the missile vent atleast 15 000-20 000 meters. 

and it will take it 37 seconds to fly that far


Hah… HahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! No. Why does anyone use that missile anyway? The devs say the “flight mechanics and pathfinding” have been improved, but that’s a load of bull, the missiles still streak straight into rocks and debris.

Yea but the times it does not hit anything and if the asteroid is bigger then it can go around it. it kept going around the asteroid for longer periods. i can do another try if you want. i can stay yea 15 000 meters away in some asteroid and wait for it. there is some asteroids it can do just as fine. but if asteroid is too small it cant turn fast enough and will hit other asteroids or things in the way. 

base distance is about 12 000 and it will take it 20+ seconds to reach, if you use Fed implant for speed obviously travel time is shorter. What i am saying is are you sure there i s bug?

and it will take it 37 seconds to fly that far



Is that with the implant to increase flight range?


Nvm, usually when i used those on T1’s, the only way to hit someone was at max 5km range (if frigates and maybe some fighters), and at 1-2km, when inties or fighters fly straight to you. HEHHEHHEHE


If you fire one of those at an interceptor with that flight range increase, you will just anoy the int for a looooooong period.