Cruiser glitch in Defence Contract

  1. I found myself inside the cruiser ship In T3 Defence Contract.

  2. I expected to hit the hull of the cruiser and not being able to fly inside it.

  3. Everything was normal otherwise. It was a random pve match.

  4. I could only go inside of the cruiser at the top of the two barrel looking things in the middle of the ship. At the two on the front and the back it did not work.

  5. I did not check again if the bug repeats but I assume it does.

  6. Screenshots below.

  7. Date: 2015-12-14 (Mon Dec 2015) Central Europe Standard Time UTC+01:00

    07:25:33.663  CMBT   | ======= Start PVE mission ‘nalnifan_lumen_waves_T3’ map ‘pve_wave_nalnifan_gate_lumen’ =======

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You would love to see my screenshots from fire support: i managed to enter the rocks and fly below the entire map, I took a few ss and soon after i aproached lava (from below) and died xD I havent tried to replicate it, so ill provide more details (and lots of screenshots!) once i manage to do it again, because at the moment im not 100% sure on how to do it (or if it will work again).