Critical chances on Tai'Thaq

Everything in the video.
There crit chances on the tai’thaq but it’s not written on it!

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There isn’t critical damage on Tai’Thaq

Without logs I can’t say more

do you confirm that tai´thaq has no chance or critical damage?

Read the weapon description:


Launches a colony of crystalline pseudo-organisms, devouring ship hulls. Shields can’t hold them. Projectile itself does not deal damage.

No projectile damage -> no critical damage

On 3/4/2021 at 4:09 AM, Skula1975 said:

Read the weapon description:

No projectile damage -> no critical damage

Sry to inform you, but the dot effect can (and always could) actually does crit, since it inherits the dmg properties of the main weapon.

The fact that the crit stat of the weapon was always hidden, even before it was changed to 0/0 base doesn’t mean it didn’t crit.

The effect in the video is not related to any other buffs or seed chips or other PvE shenegains. I can show it in a clean environment where the crit will have exactly the amount of dmg it should (dmg * (1+crit_dmg)(