critical bug - spent Personal/Corporate Iridium Boost can exceed the requirements for Dreadnought construction

Bug report:


1.) Iridium boost/s spent can go over the estimated requirements, all the way to 0 for Personal and Corporate Iridium Account.

2.) I expected to see that the slider would stop, when the Iridium demands would be sufficient, where the demans would be met, just to complete any stage for the Dreadnought.

3.) Normal conditions. Stupidity, abuse, or sabotage is also possible.

4.) Example: Dreadnought construction requires only 1000 Iridium to finish the current stage. Someone spends 50000 Iridium, so the rest of 49000 Iridium vanishes to nothingness.

5.) Everytime, when someone is stupid, abusive, or wants to sabotage a Corporation within. Such cases happened in the past and nothing has been done to fix this issue.

6.) Screenshots are not necessary, but I will happily provide them, if I will be asked to do so.

7.) Time has nothing to do with this issue.

8.) DxDiag logs are not needed.

9.) This issue is not connected to any connection issues.

10.) This issue is not connected to Sector Conquest.


6.) Screenshots: (none)




Thank you, Skula1975



It is not a place for any polls

It is not a place for any polls

No problem. I wasn’t sure, if it’s a bug, but it is nice to know that it is.

Please, Skula1975, provide an ID number for this bug, so that we know that it has been listed and scheduled to be fixed.

Can someone check, if this bug currently still exist?

We cannot, since our dreadnought construction is already finished.

Any news about this bug?

Is it still present in it’s current form?

It was fixed, you can try to reproduce