Critical Bug: Game crashed multiple times in a row in specific PvP match

Bug report:


What happened?

Game suddenly crashed multiple times in a row, a few moments after reconnecting 4-5 times.

I sent all error reports via (S)Targem crash application with a proper description.

Everyone else crashed as well and disconnected from the match.

Match was Domination (999 pts.) - Ancient Ruins - PvP.





Dump Logs:

Regular Logs: Time stamp of this event: Around 15:26 or 3:26, (Timezone: GMT +1)


01:45:14.140  WARNING| Approaching geometries limit: 2560/2560
01:45:14.140    FATAL| Array of geometries exceed

had the same crash yesterday night, rejoining resulted in the same crash over and over for every single player.

i also provide logs for that other occasion, if it’s needed, since it seems the same bug as koro had, but i guess this has been noticed