CRITICAL BUG: Every ship's hull can be destroyed directly, without damaging the shield first!

Bug report for Skula1975;



This bug affects all available 210 ships in the hangar.

Weapons can bypass the shields and target the hull directly, which means that any ship can be destroyed with their shields up at 100%.

All ships and weapons can be used as well, under certain conditions, like distance/range from the target.


How to replicate this bug?


Go below 70 meters for the Jericho frigates, like Guards.

Use any weapon, like Kinetic Shrapnel Cannon, Ion Emitter, etc.


There is another issue. Singularity Cannon in this case will not deal its damage and it will just pass through the target.

Other ships may require the distance of 50, or 40 meters.

Range may vary, but the point is, that shields become useless at that point.


How to fix this bug?


Merge the hit-box detection coordinates of the shields with the ones of the hull, or decrease distance or the range between them by an additional 90%.

Hit-box detection for the shields and the hull should be either identical, which means that first shields are affected, then the hull.

In the second case, this exploit will be very hard to perform, if the hit-box detection distance decreases even further.



Video will be provided tomorrow!



Video of Singularity Cannon detection glitch will be provided tomorrow as well.



2 screenshots:


Screenshot 1:

There are 2 types of shielding!

Barrier type shield, which can be bypassed, if the target is inside of the shield or the shield eggshell.


Hits are only absorbed by the shield, if the beam or the weapon is not fired inside of that barrier.


Screenshot 2:

There is so called “Polarization Shielding”, where the shield is practically adjacent to its hull.


As you can see, the warp nacelle receive some hits from the disruptor weapon.




Fix the shield hit-boxes of every 210 ships!



If you got any questions, ask OmegaFighter, or me!



Update: I removed the details, in order to limit or prevent any further potential abuse.






But it feels more like a feature than a bug. I tested it out and this seems almost intentional. Maybe a factor for the upcoming destroyers.

There was a suggestion some time ago about a shield modifier that made the shield stick to the hull. This may be their solution.

Bug report update:


Apparently it’s not a bug?!


This has exosted in Jerry frigs forever. Good snipers would aim for the ends that stuck out.

450 m from ship and you can damage hull directly? This is definitely a bug.

DANGIT koro i was blackmailing doomb0t into joining RadiX with this. 


But it goes further than you know :DDD I  

No it is the ship itself. If you target hull that is sticking outside of the shield bubble you can hit it. No bug.

Also, if you are inside of the ship’s shield bubble you can hit the hull. It makes sense but is only usable as an offensive tactic if the target is sitting still. If they move at all it becomes nearly impossible to hit their hull.

And also explosives and AoE weapons seem to not damage the hull no matter what until the shield is down so this isn’t much of a problem.

What an idiot design ships which parts stick outside of shield?

I understand shield bubble mechanics but pls… 450m? It should be max 100m from ship, not HALF KILOMETER.
Ok, Imperial frig can survive this but not Jericho.

Bug report update:


Apparently it’s not a bug?!



It’s a “feature” of all Tormentor series. Hull model is too wide for the shield to cover. I think it apply to some imperial frigs too, but they are too long instead.

Shields shouldnt be hull sized, since they work differently: they are easy to hit, but regenerate much faster (jeri interceptors would be insanely OP with shields with the same size as hulls). They have base regeneration (sucks but it is after all xD) and heal mods recharge faster/heal more. Devs increased shield resistances for most ships because of the size disadvantage. However, i do think that shields should be smaller; right now shields are a perfect sphere (shown in “1)”), when they should be much closer to the ship shape, maintaining certain distance from it of course: they have to be bigger than hulls (showin in “2)”).


There are many ways to solve this, but at the moment it does not seem to be that big of an issue.

Imo, I think the best solution for this, bug or not, is make the shields “polarization shields”, so that this can’t happen. It may take more work than just making the bubble bigger, but at least it will completely solve the issue.

Not a bug. This is a feature of a very-wide-ships.

Can’t you hear the man? Not a bug.

Y’all go home now and watch Star Trek)

I only said it twice. Cmon.