Crippling Afterburner debuff EVERY game, for the WHOLE game. Bug?

For the past 4 games, I’ve not had the use of my afterburners anymore.’>Pic


It started after a game of Detonation after I got blown up while carrying the EMP bomb.


I tried relogging, doesn’t get rid of it.

That sounds frustrating.  On Steam? Maybe try Verify Integrity of Game Cache?


All I got :confused:

Game cache is fine.


I deleted the 0001.prfl file in My Documents.

Don’t know if that did anything special, but it seems I can use AB again now.




LOL. Okay, the debuff icon is not actually a debuff, it’s the rep booster.


The afterburner issue was quite real though.

In the menu you can find the following option:Afterburner re-activation.

Try to turn this of.


Furthermore the afterburner is also depending on your ships energy.