Crimson Haze stage one enemy numbers

I noticed that there’s a fixed number of npc’s in the first stage so my suggestion is to add a number on each wave like in blackwood shipyard mission so people don’t rush it in a panic falsely thinking if they don’t do the objectives fast, the waves of infinite npcs will kill them.

I guess that would require for players to take out all enemy ships (since the display is an objective), being necessary instead of just going for the structures (which is one of the valid ways of finishing the stage). If it were implemented without the need to kill all ships, then it would really have to be clear so people dont think they must destroy all ships at all costs.

Most of the time they kill them because they don’t fancy attacking stuff while being attacked by loads of bots, especially if they are in frigate :slight_smile:

The counter will be just there but not as an objective, just a showcase so people can chill. ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Yeah but I already suffer in matches where my team thinks that it’s a “kill all enemies” match. Out of the past probably 30 matches on crimson I’ve had help killing structures -maybe- 10% of the time.

17 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

…people don’t rush it in a panic falsely thinking if they don’t do the objectives fast, the waves of infinite npcs will kill them.

Usually in any mission players who rush attack structures are going for efficiency and shorten mission time. I think it could be better a detailed explanation in those 30 secs before the match start about objectives needed to finish the mission and the others not needed. Maybe some kind of video/flash like animation and it can be client side. Anyone X-Wing vs Tie Fighter?

And also a rebalance in efficiency given for killing structures…

Yea i do know when people are good by just seeing them rush objectives and all, but when u dont need to rush and wanna play i have found myself in a really dumb situation when people rush forward for the structures and get caught by the first and second wave and die. Maybe if they knew the enemies are limited they will cut it a notch down and maybe think a little so in the future they figure out how to do the first round at least. Wasnt aware id had problems with explaining this lol.

Yes, that’s the problem of playing with randoms. You never know what’s going to happen. To make interesting those missions i forget about enemies and rush to kill structures. Even if I don’t care that much for eficiency. Sometimes enemies kill us, sometimes we kill them. It’s a risk, but also a good way of testing my limits ![:016:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/016.png “:016:”)

Any change like forcing players to kill an amount of enemies before the stage/mission is complete will bring complains.

But i’m not suggesting it as an objective, just a number that shows that the enemies arent like indefinite so dont panic, focus on objectives. Virtually nothing changes and the players know beforehand that the first stage number of enemies is a fixed number, nothing else.

So, basicly you mean to do all the briefings more clear. Especialy for someone who don’t want to read and listen) Cause they actualy are in the missions. We will think about it)

It sucks to explain something in a non native language, i’ll try again, in the first stage of crimson haze, the enemy number is not infinite, so i suggested putting a number on the side of total enemies available in that stage as they spawn, it CAN be used as an optional objective for something extra but it DOESNT have to be like that. Most players are under the wrong impression that in that stage if they dont rush it, they will be overwhelmed by infinite enemies and then they try to rush, fail and mission ends because of an error thats solely based on individual misconception of the infinite enemy spawn theory. I hope i did it this time xd