Crimson Haze. Complete the mission and get the “Ze'Ta” destroyer's cabin and 1000 GS!


Sector: Jericho sectors
System: Solaris
Location: Abandoned Outpost


Attention to all pilots! This is an urgent message from the UMC. The head of Ellydium corporation security Arlette Sokal came to us with a special task. All mercenaries who successfully complete the PvE mission “Operation Crimson Haze” at the highest difficulty level* recorded by the UMC engineers on January 31 will receive the cabin of the destroyer “Ze’Ta”. All pilots who reach the 20th level of difficulty will receive a reward of 1000 GS.


The maximum level reached will be posted in the official VK and Facebook communities. Stay tuned!


*To receive the reward, you have to reach at least level 20