Criminal status and damage boost artifact/or other

I want to point out, if your buddy is in the group, when you’re squaded and he kills someone, he becomes a criminal and an aggressor.

When I picked damage boost for 12 seconds in Orange Giant sector in Jericho, I became a criminal/red target for 300 seconds as well.

I do not know, if this affects other artifacts, like speed boost, repair and so on.







Legendary Aggressor (R4ge) was already red

Koromac (ESB) became red


Lost 2000 karma points, because of orange players, but it was fun…


Fix this bug.


Thank you.

Another thing.


If I want to kill someone and that guy fired a rocket on someone or something before, like slowing field or energy siphoning field, I can clearly abuse that.

All I needed to do, is to go inside of that field area and after he becomes a criminal/aggressor, I kill him.

This was also reported, but nothing was done so far.