Crew Slot Assignment Bug



  1. Hi, before the last update I had Crew Bravo with slot 1 and 2 assign in it. Yesterday, I found out it was gone. I have now Crew Delta instead. I wanted to assign slot 1 and slot 2 to Crew Delta but I receive a bug " Unable to perfom action - Crew assignment/switch error: general error." I can’t also change slots in Crew Alpha and Crew Charlie, which means I can’t use crew on my 2 ships on slot 1 and slot 2.


  1. I wanted to assign slots to crew teams.


  1. There are no unusal conditions, I also checked both with my laptop and desktop to check the problem, it doesn’t work in any way.


  1. There are no further details but I have read that several other people have the same problem.


  1. It first happened yesterday, I logged in many times to check if it is corrected but still no change.


  1. The screenshot is attached.


  1. Irrelevant.


  1. Irrelevant, also both my computers are OK.


  1. No connectivity problem.


  1. No, it is general bug.


Try to repeat now

Problem is solved,