Crew - Rank 11 - First Implant

  1. This implant does not work at all in the game.


  1. We did multiple tests using ships with minimum rank 11. We eliminated all other possible causes. The crew implant definitely doesn’t work.


3. This bug has been detected in custom battles, in every one of them.


  1. My test opponent clicked the left mouse button (with and without locking on the target). We also tested while a third person was targeting me. We observed the damage log.


  1. The main principle should be clear now.


  1. I have a PC.






  1. No log needed. No exceptions have been thrown.



Thanks a lot



Most likely not a bug, as the implant only works for one person. Kinda like the ion emitter. Did you test with any ships with identical setups without the rank 11 implant? Did you test without using the top rank 9 implant (Gigas 2)?

We did the tests mainly with one person, even though it should have worked for multiple ones as well (according to the description). We considered all other aspects.


Edit: Unlike in the image we didn’t use the top rank 9 implant.



While the game logs are probably useful in some manner, it would be really nice if you could attach the combat logs, as well. They’re found in exactly the same folder as you found the game log, but are named, aptly, “combat.log”.

We just repeated the test we did two weeks ago. Last time we considered many other factors we didn’t do this time as well, with the same results. You can see in this log that Onyxien is shooting at me, but not when I’m being locked as a target. The “Talent_EmergencyResist” is activated when I first lose my shields, but it’s not relevant for this test. In the second run you can see that also the hull is not affected by the crew implant. If there’s still doubts about this, I would ask for a different person to test this out and validate my statement.


  1. We need a detailed description of steps of your test (with date and time for every test)

  2. We needed logs of tests

Hmm, for me it works.

I deal with lock on more damage than without, tried it with several weapons.

Positron, Ion Emitter, Plasma Gun, Railgun, Gauss

This bug is real.

Well, we checked all implants and didn’t found any problems. Therefore we need more information.

edit: i’m n00b

But mill, what you fly there is a Prometheus X, am i right? This ship doesn’t even have access to the R11 implant.

Ok here is the corrected bug report:


Tried with singularity at 5% crit chance. Hit 3559 with and without lockon, while having the rank 11-1 implant installed.







Without lockon



With lockon:



Sorry for the cluttered logs.  I didn’t realise that you had to restart the game to make a new log files, not just log out and in again…


Interesting time is 14:17:56 (without lockon) and 14:18:10 (with lockon).  The damage at 14:18:00 was a crit shot, and should be ignored.


Thanks to OmegaFighter for the help  :fed001:

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You was wrong understand word “target” in the implant description. It mean that any enemy ships have -8 points of “damage resist” from your weapon.

Not a bug

Even then, the damage should be increased by a bit.

If not, where is the use of the implant then?

So it means basically it’s not for lock on? The damage is increased in general.


Edit: Yupp, the implant is working as intended, test showed it.

Ok I see. Basically whichever target your weapon hits is classed as “your target”, and not just the person you are locked onto.


You was wrong understand word “target” in the implant description. It mean that any enemy ships have -8 points of “damage resist” from your weapon.

Not a bug



You should update the description. I too thought the implant only worked on the target you had locked. I didn’t realize it was a permanent weapon buff…

Just type in like

“Decreases resistance by 7 of any enemy who gets hit by your main weapon.”

Reduces enemy ships’ hull and shield resistances to all types of damage by 8 pts.

For main weapons only.


Given 8% fire rate increase does more damage vs positive resistances, it seems like this implant would suit a tackler or ion ship who may be able to reduce resistances below 0pts. More beneficial for a tackler imo. Ironically Empire has no tacklers and if you don’t use ion emitter on a non tackler, you would be better off using the Fed’s one.

Edited implant description.

Updated into foreign languages too