Credits prices

So, while i think prices are very fair generally, i think the monthly premium isn´t.




Like most people, i would buy my premium monthly. That would cost me 11.65$, giving me 3300 creds. Premium: 3000 gone, leaves 300.

That´s 11.65-10% (after 10 months, since you can play the eleventh for free if you keep your creds)=10.49$/month.


Now, if you compare this amount to about any other game, it seems fair at first sight, giving you about the same cost most other P2P MMOs cost. Then again, it´s not, because, let´s be honest, this is far from any other MMO out there. Sure, it´s polished, it´s nice, it´s pretty bugfree and, especially for a beta, really good. No doubt about that. But if i compare the pure mass of content of SC with other games, there is a huge difference. You have some ships, a few maps and a bit of things you can equip. That´s it. No huge worlds, no complex stuff for the database like auctionhouses, nothing really that justifies 10.49$/month.


Personally, i think a price between 4.99 and 6.99 would be much more viable and (at least i would) people would rather buy premium. Maybe even leave the current option, adding a small XP gain even while offline or something. Why not?