Credits drop to 0 when i return from open space

  • when i go out into open space to do my daily mission, i complete it and dont die, i send the loot back and when i return all my Credits are gone


  • i think this is a bug because it happens only after i do my daily open mission in jericho space, and after i cancel the first one because i cant be bothered doing it. and it means i have to work a lot harder for my credits, i lost 9 million credits today


  • this occurs every time i have canceled my first daily mission in jericho and done the second since the lats patch, it is the 28th June at the moment


  • my last action was docking the station and when i got in i had 0 credits and couldnt fix my rockwell up and fill the ammo


  • no more detail needed, the first point is exactly what happened


  • i dont know my specs but it has ran every game except war thunder on max graphics at 60 fps, war thunder is just under max with 60fps


  • i dont have any screenshots or video’s :frowning:


  • i dont know what log file it will be


P.S can i get my 9 mil creds back please?

I understand, that you was died when you returned to Space Station.

Is it true?