Credit reward ratio for victory/loss

Since the last patch I have noticed that when I lose a T2 battle (regardless of PVP mode), I tend to earn a LOT more credits than I do when I win said battles. For instance, with premium, I can expect to recieve anywhere from 120 - 150k credits for a loss where that same battle resulting in victory only nets me around 60 - 100k. Sure I end up with loot and more loyalty/rep, but not enough to counter the massive credit hit. In non-premium, the difference is still around 50% more for a loss than I do for a victory. I don’t know if I’m simply missing something somewhere, or if this is actually broken. The greedy part of me says keep my mouth shut about it as I like being able to twiddle my thumbs and make crazy bank, but it kind of ruins the point of the game if you are rewarded for being a complete jerk towards the rest of your team.


Has anyone else encountered this, or maybe can tell whether or not this is normal behavior? I don’t see why it would be, but then again I’m not exactly an expert on the ‘behind the scenes’ mechanics of how things are actually calculated in this game.

I have not noticed this. How many credits you get depends on where you place efficiency wise on your team - if you lose and are #1, you get more credits. If you win, but are at the bottom, you get less. As far as I can tell, credits are based on a combination of efficiency + ranking on your team. Winning lets you loot and (often) you get higher efficiency by winning.