Create a "Miscellaneous" bug section+here's an actual bug!

There is an actual bug to report here, but It really resides in the game itself, not connection, launcher, graphics, or anything. I would appreciate a place to tattle on uncategorized bugs.


The bug here is in the Ice Belt mission (Not sure of actual name, but it has the Red-Bubble Crusader as the final boss.)

One of the enemies in a recent battle got suck inside of the dreadnought and we could not kill him because he was too far in to it. I have attached screenies.

[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=10004)

Lol. So no one had high radius missiles Torp or small ship to follow it in there?

Actually I think you may be able to get into that hangar space even with frigates

It is not planned to create such a section. This will only lead to the issues that players will post most of the reports in this section instead of a better fitting section.

Likely, it is a level physics bug, Can anybody make screenshot with this issue?