I play Star Conflict through Steam, and really enjoy it. However, I have found it crashes 9/10 times I open it. Having submitted this to Gaijin, they said to verify the internal game cache. However, this hasn’t solved the problem. I am able to get to the login screen, but as soon as I get to the hanger, it crashes saying “Star Conflict quit unexpectedly” (attached). Please sort this issue out so I don’t have to reopen it about 15 times before it works…


Thanks in advance for any replies!





Course the simple suggestions first.


Don’t forget to uninstall the game, restart then reinstall it.


Not that the restart is actually needed, I’d do it anyway…

 please attach game logs (from ~/Application Support/StarConflict dir), system crash log (from Console tool) and your system description - maybe we can help you with that issue