Crash Exploit.

Hi there.


I was the captain in a reconnaissance game in T2.


I’m flying an Acid Hydra with 17k hull 7,5k shield. My hull resist are ranging from 75 kinetic, 90 EM, 105 thermal.

I’m escorted by two other frigates. We managed to keep me alive all game long.


Now about one minute before the end of the game, both team were even kills wise.

Suddenly I exploded. One shot. None of our frigates did see anyone. Judging by the log I was killed by a crash.


So i guess he used a Warpgate to jump-crash onto me and one shot me bypassing all my fitting and build. What’s the point of going as much tanky as I can if someone can just one shot me and win the game?


I have no defense against that tactic, I can’t prevent him from using his warpgate, I was using a propulsion jammer but that doesn’t work against warpgate crashing. As a frigate I can’t move fast. So all in all despite being as much tanky as I can, I have, and my teammates too, have no counter to prevent the out of the blue one shot from that tactic…


I feel this is a bit like exploiting the crash mechanic from the warpgate…



Gotta admit, that is pretty smart. I also see how even though this is unfair, it’s still viable. Would be nice if it was a relative hop percentage being hit instead of insta kill, but a frigate hurling towards you at those speeds would pretty much end both of you.

Not sure if this is an exploit per se, but maybe this should be looked into.

Yeah true, that guy was clever to use this, we repelled all the assault on my ships with the two other frigates, as I had a lot of hull and lot resists. And was able to regen completely between each assault with regens. So his tactic was clearly a smart one.


Only problem is, it is a bit OP on reconnaissance mod to one shot the Captain without any counter. If only, it only damaged me to allow his teammates to go for the kill, i would only have said “good job”.

Yea, I agree this should be looked into. My acid hydra has 34k hull and 12k shields, if I got 1 shot I’d be calling bs as well.

I don’t see anything wrong with suicide-warping. In fact, I think it’s awesome that is even possible.


It’s actually not that simple to line up the warp, and the following all help to prevent this from happening:


  1. don’t maintain line of sight with a warpgate capable ship.

  2. stay behind cover

  3. kill frigates before they get in 5km range.

  4. keep moving.


So I don’t really think this is an issue.

To be honest, i’m not even sure it was suicide warping. We repelled 4 or 5 assaults by duos or trios of ennemy ships. Then put myself behind a rock to recover, finished recovering from last assault and then boom.


Nobody was in sight. We were three frigates and none of us did ever see someone less than 10km. I just suddenly exploded, and log said it was a crash. We were actively monitoring ennemies locations to counter any assault on my ships but we did not see this one coming. As i checked who killed me, I saw he was flying a frigate and died from a crash so I thought crash by warpgating. Usually when I’m killed I do see the killer’s cam. This time i didn’t meaning he was probably dead also. Validating the crash warpgate theory. In that case, we just let our guard down and didn’t see that frigate coming. Possible.


Whoever did this was really smart, since I was able to tank any other assault easily.



Anyway, Draconas, how did you get that 34K hull on an Acid Hydra, most I could get was something around 20k with 45% hull on ship modifier and 2x 15% on passive and 25% from skills. How did you triple the base hull from that hydra thats like 200% gain. I’m curious to know this mate :slight_smile:

Exactly what you mentioned there, and hydra 2 can add another 3-7 k on top iirc.

2 mk3 extenders, the hull extender on left slots, and skills. I get 22.6 hull and 11.6k from skills. I can double check my setup once I get home.

Unless I pulled an ultra Ace moment and the grey value includes skill bonuses.

Edit: Wow, these forums change a certain word for new players into Ace.

Yeah they do replace the “nub” word. I found it funny the first time i saw that.


And yeah grey values includes bonuses :stuck_out_tongue:


To verify that , click on your ship and look at the stats on the right side of the screen, where repairs and such are, under the name and level of the ship.

The numbers following a “Plus” are already in the final stats. So you have probably a 20-22k hull, just like i managed to get before i switched to resists passives. I feared to be the “nub” that wasn’t able to find how to get most of his tank outfitting.


Thanks anyway for answering me mate, Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I would instead say a % based resist section would be more useful. I had a resist hydra before but upon someone being very successful with hull amnt I switched. Seeing 160 as resist amount means very little to me.

There is a thread discussing Resists, but after reading all the thread i wasn’t sure about it yet. So I did try ingame with the training with players game mode. And got a friend fire at me with and without my resists. With an interceptor, his DPS is clearly diminished with my resists, to the point he is not able to do damage to me. My hull regenerates enough to get me full again when his weapons are on cooldowns. So i could tank him forever. And without resists it was long but he could eventually kill me.


He tested with pulse lasers on an interceptor. Not a good setup for test but we had troubles getting another friends with a more DPS setup on a fighter to get in the same game as me in that game mode. Most of the time i ended up in a game against a T1 pilot, despite flying a T2 frigate :frowning: And my fighter friend ended up on a different game…

Did you run some tests yourself?

No, simply observations

Might’ve been lucky or a bug, but if it was neither, that’s precision.