Crafting System Overhaul

The current crafting system seems a bit silly to me. Each recipe is attached to one, and only one component, making finding specific craftables dififcult, and limiting the number of craftables to the number of components plus the number of blueprints.


I say every recipe ought to be made into a blueprint. These blueprints ought to be placed in the store, with a “craft” button instead of a “buy” button. In place of the current system, where blueprints for certain craftables take credits, a “frame” or “chassis” which costs just as much as the blueprints do now should be required by the recipe. These frames and chassis should be placed in the “components” area of the warehouse when bought.


This should remove the almost always empty “blueprints” tab in the warehouse, by taking it out as a middle-man; make finding and making new recipes for crafting easier, by centralizing and making them independant of the number of components; and appeal more to common sense, as blueprints don’t tend to be consumed by hellfire after making something from them in real life.


I can totally understand that this might be a low priority, but it would make life a good bit easier.

they should make crafting into a seperate tab/window entirely. Blueprints and materials stay in armory, all crafting can be done via the crafting window, blueprints will also be purchaseable via crafting window.