Crafting in the Workshop or directly from Manufacture menu - existing issues

Bug report:


If you craft a Pirate version of a weapon or module in the Workshop, you get a notification, if enabled.

Same goes for Mark 5 weapon or module variants in the Workshop. Notifications in hangar will be shown.

There is one other possibility to access directly from the ship’s slots, the Manufacture option.

However, directly accessing Manufacture interface is visually slightly changed there, and if you craft a Mark 5 version of some weapon, no notification will be shown in hangar.


How to replicate this bug: (if there are problems, a video will show what I meant)

  • slot some ship, select the weapon slot and select Manufacture option and craft the same version of a weapon directly from the Manufacture option

  • craft some Mark 5 version of a module or a weapon in the Workshop. Let’s say that it’s  Rank 9 Mark 5 Assault Railgun



[2017.01.10](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=12959)


Screenshots: (not necessary, provided a video)






Skula1975, if you read the bug report, let me know, so that I am certain that you’re aware of a possible issue.