CPU tuning slot?

Ok so I have this tier 2 frigate (steam dlc). it has a “CPU tuning” slot.

What is it? I don’t see any modules in the shop for that slot.


More then likely it is a game element that is not yet in the game.  Remember this is still beta so not everything is currently in place.

Or something that is overlooked? I found tier 3 and 4 modules that go in that slot but none for tier 2.


This empty slot is bad for my OCD! :slight_smile:

Remember this is still beta.  So there is allot to be added and implemented on top of balancing and tweaking.  So I guess…tll your OCD to hide in the closit till the all clear comes around.   :lol:

you can find t2 loot items that are normally only for t3 or higher - so if you get lucky you might find a t2 cpu