Covert Ops Module - Ship Trail Disguiser

Jericho Techs reverse engineered alien software found on the capture Hunter ship. What they found was astounding and are now able to apply this discovery for military purposes! The new active module allows Covert Ops pilots to harm enemy visual and system sensors using worm software taken from Aliens. During testing it was found that ship sensors could not perceive ship engine trails.

T3 mk1/2/3/4 Stats:

Energy consumption 250/220/190/180

Cooldown 50 seconds

Duration 20 seconds

Range 2000/2200/2400/2500

Cuts sensor range by 40/41/42/42.7 percent

Removes engine trail outside sensor range.

just stop afterburning if you want to be stealthy! :smiley: patience is key for being a romulan.


i understand the concept, however it seems to be very very situational.

Would only be useful in the context of also using adaptive camo, which is I guess what you want it for.

I kinda like the idea, but I would be after it being a pirate version of adaptive camo - shorter duration but hides engine trail also.

Well it’s good for cutting down ECM range. So you want to deny a chance to Nerf ECM?

It also nerfs ships that need to target to use active modules. It also nerfs pro LRFs.

So… cameras and eyeballs couldn’t perceive where engine trails were?


If this were untargeted (like Camo), I can see some vague utility…


Detonation matches are harsh on any bomb carrying ship, but just kill the bot over and over and he’ll just bee-line towards the bomb carrier, regardless. Whoops… There goes the mod’s utility. And we’re back to what gab just said: stop afterburning and the bot won’t care.

Going stealthy like that against a Captain isn’t gonna work, regardless, they are all-seeing.

In Domination… not that useful…

CTB… Maybe, maybe… But we’re then back to the “stop afterburning and they won’t see you” part…


Since it’s targeted (or seems like it)… it loses all utility. Even against ECMs. And I’m not exactly in the mood to make CovOps more powerful than they are now…

Very situational, all ships will see whatever their team mates can see. So cutting one ship sensor range will be useless except if he is alone in the far side of the map.


If you have me in the enemy team, all ships can see 12k meters around me, which is almost half the map. GL trying to cut that.

The module removes the ability to use teammates sensors.