Cover Ops's Nuke can kill Allies ?

| Bug report |
| Describe problem and what you saw | Nuclear Bomb is able of team killing in PvE macthes |
| What you expected to see | I thought my friend wasn’t going to die because I thought team killing was off |
| Conditions in which error reproduce | - Start a Random PvE

  • Take a Cover Ops with nukes
  • Drop it next to an allie
    -blast damage and cloud damage will inflict damage |
    | Problem details | Perhaps i’m wrong and team killing isn’t off or it’s just most things ? |
    | Frequency of reproduction | always |
    | Time of bug | Before 1AM (GMP+1) |

I couldn’t upload the Log for a reason so I’ll give you the line : 
00:55:20.569  CMBT   | Killed Nitrolonger     Ship_Race3_L_T5_CraftUniq|0000010083;     killer bolossedu14fr|0000000312 SpaceMissile_Nuke_T5_Mk3 <FriendlyFire>
00:55:20.569  CMBT   |    Participant    bolossedu14fr     Ship_Race3_S_T5_CraftUniq            totalDamage 80281.36; mostDamageWith ‘SpaceMissile_Nuke_T5_Mk3’; <debuff> <FriendlyFire>
00:55:20.569  CMBT   |    Participant         masetane     Ship_Race3_S_T5_CraftUniq            totalDamage 17461.61; mostDamageWith ‘SpaceMissile_Nuke_T5_Mk3’; <buff> <FriendlyFire>


blast damage and cloud damage will inflict damage

Blast damage can’t hit allies but cloud damage will. So with high enough of a power level difference you can kill a low level ally instantly if they enter the cloud.


Tactical nuke is one of the last radiation AoEs able to hit allies which thanks to PvE scaling can kill allies fairly easily.

Not a bug