Course Plotting / Waypoints

Now that we have the ability to see where we need to go to get a monocrystal quest destination, I would like to suggest that we be given the ability to plot routes ourselves.


This would be done by right-clicking the sector in the galaxy map (see below) and then clicking ‘set destination’. A little green arrow would be the indicator for this, also showing where you need to go, like how gold exclamation points are used for monocrystal quests.



As you can access the galaxy map while undocked, this option would be available while undocked by accessing the map and selecting a sector to travel to.

Once a destination was selected, it would be visible in-game like so:


(note that the big orange arrows would obviously not be in the game. heh.)







Anything to improve QoL

I like it

thx for making this :slight_smile: