Couple of post patch questions

Hi all, I haven’t actually played yet, I’m just going through my warehouse and enjoying all the “what the hell has happened” comments on global chat (seriously, there’s so much I’m not sure what anyone expects to achieve by posting in there; no one’s comment stays on screen for more than a second at the moment!)


I’ve also noticed that this sub forum is particularly empty at the moment, which surprises me, so I do hope someone sees this  :taunt:


Modules I did have that have been moved to a level requirement higher than the one I’m currently at; how do I find out which sub faction I need to focus on to get to that module again?


Also, I now have an entire level 6 of T2 ships that I technically need to buy. I say technically, because I’ve got level 7 ships that are sitting in my garage. I’m sure others have encountered this and I would like to know if there’s a necessary course of action (buy), or if I can ignore it!


Many thanks and I’m now going to find out if I still love this game! I’m hoping yes as my jericho fighter class wasn’t going to be tampered with, though it looks like there’s been some subtle “nerfing”  in terms of module strengths…

I’d like to know whats up with the turrets on jericho frigs using raid shield. They only have 4 now, and on top of that, 3 on one side, and only 1 on the other. That makes no sense, and if it was intentional, its lazy development. You practically leave your right side in the hands of 1 turret compared to the left side that has 3.

That’s a completely separate issue and not even one I can help you with, as I only fly fighters and the occasional interceptor!


Please, create your own topic as I would like an answer to my questions! Neither are a complaint, simply queries.